Spradlings, Browns, and More.

My name is Joey Carol Brown, daughter of Joe Brown and Janet Spradling. I have a huge interest in my family's genealogy.

My family originated in Europe, and for the past couple hundred years has resided in eastern Kentucky. I have spent years gathering information, and plan on spending several more years exploring my roots. I hope others find this site educational and useful, and hopefully it will aid in connecting long lost family members!

I'm always happy to get more information to add to my tree, or to correct what I already have. If you would like to email me additional/corrected info, please do! If you can, I appreciate if you include your sources for that info. Thank you!

As stated above, I love learning about any of my relatives, but there are a few in particular that I'm just dying to get info on! If you know anything about the following people, PLEASE email me, and include your sources please!

- Mary Keeney
 - Thomas Sprattlin
- Gertrude Bailey

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Last Update: February, 2010.